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Presented to all lovers of old
english poetry by Hans Dieter Steudel:

Romance of the Rose
William of Lorris, John of Meun
13th Century

Woman should gather roses ere
Time's ceaseless foot o'ertaketh her,
For if too long she make delay,
Her chance of love may pass away,
And well it is she seek it while
Health, strength, and youth around her smile.
To pluck the fruits of love in youth
Is each wise woman's rule forsooth,
For when age creepeth o'er us, hence
Co also the sweet joys of sense,
And ill doth she her days employ
Who lets life pass without love's joy.
And if my counsel she.despise,
Not knowing how 'tis just and wise,
Too late, alas! will she repent
When age is come, and beauty spent.